CentraCX VOC is now available for Amazon Connect. 


Voice of the Customer

CentraCX VOC is a closed loop Voice of the Customer platform that enables organisations to Collect, Understand and Action customer feedback. 

Combining sophisticated Machine Learning with it's unique Tribal Analytics, Centra CX VOC makes practical enterprise feedback management a reality for organisations of all size.


Collect customer feedback across every interaction channel


Understand  actionable root causes for customer sentiment


Action continual improvement of people, processes and products with engaged employees

Powerful Integrations

Entirely API driven, CentraCX VOC delivers pre-built integrations with many platforms and the capability to integrate with just about any on-premise or cloud based system..

Amazon Connect

Add native post-call IVR surveys to your Amazon Connect powered Contact Center


Effortlessly bring the full capabilities of CentraCX VOC to Genesys Engage and Genesys Cloud powered contact centres

Contact Center

Trigger post-interactions surveys directly from your on-premise or cloud contact centre


Trigger post-interaction surveys and connect customer CRM data directly with feedback

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