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Built for Integration

To be effective, a Voice of the Customer program, must be integrated in to operational products and processes. CentraCX VOC has been developed within this framework, and provides integrations at each of the points of the survey lifecycle.

The Trigger API is used in the course of operational processes to trigger survey delivery to the customer.

The Presentation API is used to present surveys to customers when using custom channels such as native mobile apps.

The Action API is used at the completion of each survey and through Tribal Analytics to execute actions within 3rd party systems. 

Survey Triggers 


The CentraCX VOC Trigger API provides an easy to implement mechanism to initiate surveys on any channel. With every survey request, the calling application can pass an unlimited set of metadata that provides the context for the survey. The metadata is utiilsed for analysis within CentraCX VOC as well as available for export after survey completion through the Action API. This allows matching of survey data within CRMS and data warehouses.

For applications that can  not utilise the Trigger API a batch and file based process is available for survey initiation for outbound channels such as Email and SMS.

Survey Channels


CentraCX VOC manages the rendering of surveys on each channel. Where a custom presentation such as a native Mobile Application needs to be used or a non-standard user interface is required  the Presentation API   is avalaiable.

The presentation API is a secure RESTful API that presents survey questions, incorporates survey logic and receives survey responses.

Survey Actions

The CentraCX Action API is implemented in Javascript that is executed as survey related events occur. Through out the lifecycle of a survey events such as:

  • survey request

  • survey initiated

  • survey completed

  • frontline comment

  • machine learning completed

With each event the full set of values associated with the survey and its context is available for scripting.  As well as access to CentraCX VOC capabilities such as Tribal Analytics the Action API allows implementations of a wide variety of platform APIs for CRMS, ERPs and Business Intelligence systems.

For platforms that do not support APIs a batch and file based process is available for simple integration.

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CentraCX Solutions utilise the three APIs to provide a complete integration for specific operational systems such as Contact Centre, CRM or Digital platforms.

Integration to CentraCX is not limited to the pre-built solutions and custom integrations utilising the REST APIs or batch processing are readily accomplished.

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