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Centra CX VOC



Same Survey - Every Channel

An intuitive survey builder allows you to construct a single survey that is rendered appropriately to Voice, Web, Chat, Email, SMS or API.

Surveys can be composed of any metric, scale or free text area. Together with sophisticated branching you can build comprehensive surveys in just minutes.

Rich Contextual Data

Each survey is associated with rich meta-data from your contact centre platform, CRM or marketing platform.

Meta-data can be used to determine which specific survey to launch and whether a customer should be survey at all. 

Slice and dice survey results using rich business data to find out what the real root causes of problems are.

Organisational Hierarchy

Every survey is tied to an interaction with a frontline team member, web page or retail location. Build a deep hierarchy to aggregate quantitative feedback and track the performance of  teams, business units, divisions and geographies.

Realtime Dashboards

Monitor performance of agents, teams, division and business units in real time with insightful dashboards that you can change yourself.


Have voice based feedback automatically transcribed to text and analysed for sentiment.

Detailed Reporting

Whether you are invested in NPS, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort or any other quantitative score Centra CX VOC reporting  allows you to identify trends and take action.

Drive Employee Engagement

Survey results return in real time to frontline staff driving a deep understanding of how their performance impacts customers.

Agents collaborate with team leaders and others in the business using customer feedback to develop opportunities to continually improve process, products and their own performance.