Centra CX VOC



Collect feedback from your customers across every interaction channel

Create surveys and render them on any channel including Voice, Email, Web, SMS and API

Use branching and complex flow to ask follow up questions only when necessary

Seamlessly trigger survey offers from contact centre solutions, CRMs, websites, web portals, chat sessions, mobile applications and simple list uploads

Use more than 50 different quantitative scales to capture any kind of CX metric 

Capture qualitative feedback both in digital (email, chat, web & SMS) and voice channels

Introduce corporate branding in every aspect of survey presentation 



Gain deep understanding and actionable  insights from customer feedback

Associate feedback with frontline staff in a n-tier organisational hierarchy that models resource, team, geography, business unit and division


Attach unlimited context rich meta-data such as customer ID, segment, product to every piece of feedback

Visualise with interactive dashboards that provide individual and aggregate metrics through the organisation

Utilise advanced machine learning to transcribe voice feedback and identify sentiment, reason for sentiment and key terms in both digital and verbal feedback


Integrate with CRM, Contact Centre and Data Warehouse systems to bring real-time customer feedback into enterprise wide business intelligence



Action continual  improvement of people, process and products with engaged employees

Engage frontline employees with real-time presentation of customer feedback directly related to the provided service


Empower frontline employees with Voice of the Employee to translate customer feedback into direct improvement opportunities for people, process and products


Drive collaboration across the organisation with #tags and machine learning categorisation that automatically delivers relevant customer feedback to stakeholders

Automatically identify opportunities for service recovery  and manage the workflow opportunities to turn detractors in to promoters


Create dynamic collections of feedback to use for individual and team coaching


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