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Multi-Channel Survey

Centra CX VOC is a powerful voice of the customer platform that allows you to collect, understand and action customer feedback.
With Centra CX VOC you can add easily add post-call IVR surveys to your exiting  contact centre as well as collect customer feedback from email, web-chat, SMS and online channels.

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Telephony and Contact Centre

Centra CX VOC works with all existing contact centre solutions including cloud and premise based platforms.

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API Integration

For platforms with integration capabilities the optimum method is to utilise Centra CX – REST APIs. This process is initiated by intercepting the agent hang-up and making an API call to Centra CX VOC. The API call incorporates any customer meta-data (such as agent name, customer product and customer segment) that can be used to provide additional context on the survey. The API call returns a phone number for the required survey to which the customer’s call is then transferred automatically.

Browser Transfer

For contact centre platforms with limited integration capability Centra CX VOC provides a browser based mechanism for initiating surveys and incorporating survey meta-data. At the conclusion of each call the agent selects the appropriate survey and meta data from the Centra CX VOC screen. The agent then transfers the caller utilising a ‘speed dial’ on their phone system to Centra CX.

PIN Based Transfer

In instances where browser based transfers are not possible Centra CX supports a PIN based mechanism. In this situation the agent places the customer on hold near the conclusion of their interaction and utilises a ‘speed dial’ to initiate a ‘two step transfer’ to the Centra CX VOC survey. The agent is asked to enter a PIN that is assigned uniquely to them. The agent then completes the transfers allowing the customer to complete the survey whilst the agent is ready for their next call.


Digital Channels

Centra CX VOC works will all existing CRM and marketing platforms to allow survey initiation

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Online / Webchat

Online and webchat surveys are initiated by passing a prepared URL that incorporates the appropriate survey meta-data. This URL is matched to the currently configured surveys in order to initiate the appropriate questionnaire and to gather the addition survey meta-data.

The URL presents the fully branded survey to the customer within their browser.

Email / SMS

Email and SMS surveys can be initiate through Centra CX VOC’s REST APIs or through the a scheduled (or manual) file transfer process. In each case the email address or phone number for each customer to be surveyed is provided and Centra CX will send the fully branded message to the customer with appropriate link to initiate an online survey.


The Centra CX REST API can be invoked by any endpoint including native IOS or Android applications. A REST call is made to initiate the survey (and submit relevant meta-data) and on each survey question completion. Each call submits the survey response and presents the next question in the flow.

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Centra CX VOC has a simple pricing structure with no minimums, lock in contracts or commitments.  

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